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It’s Monday…What Are You reading???

This is my first “It’s Monday…What Are You Reading?” post! There are two books that I am currently reading.  The first is The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. I bought this book based on what I have been hearing on Twitter. So far (I am only a few chapters in) so good. Image

The other book I am reading is Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu. So far I love this book because I can imagine myself in the story (being from Iowa) and experiencing the snow and the bitter temperatures.  This story is very real…I feel that the author never writes “down” to her audience.  Once I start a chapter I can’t stop…which is a good sign for me! 🙂

I tried looking for book trailers for both of these books and I was not impressed by what I could find. Anyone out there make some great book trailers for these two books.

What are all of you guys reading?



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One thought on “It’s Monday…What Are You reading???

  1. I am waiting to read The Scorpio Races until I get over my distaste for horse books. I know it’s more than just a horse book, but I’m just not there yet. Did you not like the trailer that Maggie made for her book (
    And I just stumbled upon Breadcrumbs while searching for books to buy for the library, and I am very excited to read it! Glad you’re enjoying them both. 🙂

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