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A Happy Day for Reading

For the past several months, I made a goal to have my students read MORE books. On Wednesday, I had my students do a quick reading test to see how much they have progressed. I was quite happy to see progress with most of my student! This morning, I put my students in groups according to how well they did on this assessment.

I got book sets from my cabinet and set the books on the counter. All day my students looked at them. They wondered what they were going to do with the books.  The books that I had laying on the counter was: Elijah of Buxton, A Long Way from Chicago, Things Not Seen, Stargirl, Chocolate Fever, and Wringer

Over recess and lunch recess, I was sitting at my desk and heard two girls read the blurbs on the back of the books and say, “Ohhh…I want to read that!” or “Oh, this looks good!”  It was seriously the best moment so far this year. They were so excited to read.  My students are doing book clubs because I want them to read books, not short boring stories. I want them to become friends with the characters. One of my Twitter friends told me today, “it’s all about the characters…have fun!” I want them to LOVE reading.

I did short book talks really talking up a character that they will be meeting when they read the stories. 

They will be meeting in groups with a group leader. They will complete a half sheet with them writing  a question about what they have read or what they have wondered about so far in their reading and something that they would like to discuss with their group. I don’t want them to be bogged down with a ton of questions afterwards.

I am so excited to see what happens with my student’s reading lives.  It’s my job to help spark or relight that love of reading.  I think the spark caught on today!


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2 thoughts on “A Happy Day for Reading

  1. I love when the spark catches. Great job, Sir!

  2. And here is hoping for a big, huge inferno 🙂

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