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Choice for a Nerdy Retro Review…

Hey all…

I am excited to inform you that I have a Retro Review on the Nerdy Book Club. I was struggling with which book to review. When I was growing up in the 1980’s, a bunch of great books were written. Because of all these great books, I did have a bit of a struggle. Here are some of the books I was thinking about reviewing…and then I will tell you which one I ended up reviewing for the blog. Now, I may use one of these for a future retro review or even a Back to the Future review. I love original covers (you may notice that on this post). Tell me if you have ever read these books and what you thought of them.


This book, In Trouble Again, Zelda Hammersmith? by Lynn Hall was seriously the funniest book I have read. There were a few sequels to this book, but I haven’t seen it around for awhile. This book is a perfect read-aloud and I wonder if anyone has it or has seen it? If so, read it. It’s a hoot!



These two books, Bummer Summer and Stage Fright were my favorite Ann M. Martin books. She has written recent books, but these two (1980’s books) were my favorite growing up. I also think that Apple publishing had some of the BEST covers. I have these two books in my classroom library.



The two Beverly Cleary books, Ramona Quimby, Age 8 and Dear Mr. Henshaw were extremely popular! I remember waiting to read these books because they always had a waiting list. Many of her other books were just as popular…always checked out!


Judy Blume has always been a favorite. I love her least known books such as Blubber. The Fudge books are some of her most popular books as well as Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing being no exception. This book would be a great book to read aloud for that particular grade level. Again, another extremely popular and FUNNY book!


The Witches by Roald Dahl was a book that scared us all so much that we HAD to read it. This was one of my favorite books when I was younger. It’s a Roald Dahl book that isn’t as popular as his other more well-known books. The book is so much better than the movie.


Help! I’m a Prisoner in the Library by Eth Clifford has always been one of my favorites that when I do see the cover (retro cover, of course) it takes me back to my youth! Do any of you have books that do that? This is a great, timeless book. Who ever wanted to be locked in the library when they were younger? I sure did. There have been newer covers to try to make it a more recent title to appeal to kids…but I love the original cover.


This still has to be the creepiest book I have ever read, Wait Till Helen Comes. I do have a few copies of this book in my classroom library and when I do tell students this (that it is the scariest book I have ever read), they are all wanting to read it (just like all of my peers and myself when I was younger). This is a ghost story brilliantly told. When I do read it aloud, it takes me back to my school librarian reading a chapter aloud to us.


This had the longest wait list when I was in school. I had to wait forever, and when it was my turn, I picked the book up and automatically began coveting it. Yes, one of the deadly sins. But, like all book nerds…we do this sometimes. When I would be reading it at my desk…I would see eyes peering at me. They too, wanted this book as well. This book is Hatchet. An adventure story where a boy survives a plane crash in the woods and only has a hatchet to survive. Man, this yells BOY BOOK. But, girls love it too. I do have several copies of this book and it is still popular.

The book I chose and one of my all-time favorites: There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom. Read the review at the Nerdy Book Club and tell me what you think.


This was a lot of fun and I look forward to hearing from all of you. Please leave a message!


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One thought on “Choice for a Nerdy Retro Review…

  1. Oh man, I hate when I read posts like this, or worse, write them, because all I want to do is run breathless to the nearest library…

    When I’m talking about the subjectivity of art and writing (and reading) to middle school aged kids, I often use reviews of Hatchett as an example. A lot of kids love the book, and a lot of kids think it is the most boring slow book in the world. What makes a horse race, right? And that Helen one?! Never read it, but it looks way too creepy. 🙂

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