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I am working diligently on my National Boards. If you have taken the plunge already you know all about the PROCESS. If you are working on them now, you are probably like me and are ready for March 31 to come. I am working on Entry 4 which basically talks about you and things that you have done to make yourself better as an educator. One of the things for Entry 4 is to reach out into the community and bring the community into the classroom. Basically a partnership. I knew of a person in the little community where I teach who had written books. So, I called him and asked if he would like to come into my class to talk about the writing process and where he comes up for ideas to his books. He said that he would love to come in and talk to my class.


He came in and talked about the writing process, editing and revising, and how to think creatively in writing stories. He then read a few pages out of his books to really peak the interest of students. And were their interests peaked! I had to randomly call out names because all of my students wanted to read his books!

While at recess, I was walking around monitoring when I looked up and saw four girls standing against the wall. Each had a book in their hands reading. Two girls were reading his books. This made me so happy that I snapped their picture (sorry about the fuzzy faces). This made this teacher a happy one. Mission: Accomplished!


The next day, one student came up and told me that she bought his book, Fields of Heaven, on her Kindle. : )

Check out his books on


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