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My class loves Wonder. I love Wonder. We were so excited to have the opportunity to Skype with RJ Palacio about a month ago. (I know, I have neglected my blog, I am going to thank National Boards for that one!)  

My class has been reading Wonder over the past two months. One student bought the book on her KIndle and another student’s mom bought it on her Kindle and LOVED it. I drew some question marks on the date that we were to Skype to really peak their interest. The day before we were to Skype, I dropped the news, and my students gasped in excitement! I then had them think of and write down two questions: one about the book and one about writing or the writing process. 

The next day I though I was ready for our Skype visit. Ms. Palacio and I got mixed up on times since we are in different time zones. Luckily, she has a job in which she can Skype at her office (LUCKY)! I was relieved when the internet worked on my personal laptop. All of a sudden, RJ popped up on our screen. This is what we saw in our class:


Sorry about it being sideways, my readers and Ms. Palacio. 

We were excited…Ms. Palacio talked to us about the background of writing the book and then answered questions. She was very generous with her time. She is quite an awesome author and human being. All of my students and myself will continue to be HUGE fans of hers and her books (Wonder and future books).

Thank you RJ Palacio.



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