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The Book Whisperer and Me

Last year I started following Donalyn on Twitter. I bought her book, learned from her through Twitter, and began to use what I was learning in my classroom. I was surprised how kids were talking about books, reading outside during recess, and recommending books to others. I used book clubs to facilitate talking about books. One group read Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. This group began to talk about how much they loved this book and why they loved it. All of a sudden a wildfire began and spread. Everyone wanted to read this book! It was amazing.
We also began to Skype with authors. On this blog, you will see an read about those experiences. I also connected my readers with authors through Twitter. These connections were special!
One thing that I love about Donalyn is that she remembered ME! She also helped me out when going to the exhibit hall the first time. She’s a great friend and a great mentor!



I am brushing the dust off of this blog! I will be writing about my adventures at NCTE soon!

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