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A Thank You…

A few months or so ago we were able to have Liesl Shurtliff visit our school.

She’s the author of RUMP…a 2013 nerdy nominee.

Liesl conferring with a student writer. This was awesome to see being modeled by a nationally-published author!

Liesl conferring with a student writer.

It was an awesome visit.

After she left, I had my group of students write what they thought about the visit on a graffiti wall, a take away from my friend Donalyn Miller’s idea of a student response graffiti wall. The great thing about this strategy is that you can use it for practically anything (which is why I think it’s so great)!

This was to be a reflection of sorts.

Here is what they had to say.


A student reflection.

A student reflection.


Another reflection.

Another reflection.


A reflection.

A reflection.

As you can see, they could remember specific events of the visit. Especially the hook, the way she grabbed their attention and didn’t let go…

Standing on her head. : )


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