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A WONDERful Precept…

Last year as professional development and a way to gather around one book, our staff was able to choose if they wanted to participate in a book club. The idea behind the book club was to have teachers read books that kids were/are reading. I mentioned in a previous post why I believe this is so important.

The two books we read were Wonder by R.J Palacio and See You at Harry’s by Jo Knowles.

We created Wordles, found ways to use a graffiti wall for student response, a strategy I learned about from Donalyn Miller, and Skyped with the author of See You at Harry’s.

One teacher has used these strategies in her class this year.

She is reading Wonder aloud in her class. Her students are loving it.

She is also able to use this book as teaching opportunities. This is an accelerated learning class. Most of their lives they have been “different”.

After reading a section of the text, she has students bring to class a precept (words to live by) to share and write down on the graffiti wall.

She also had students create wordles.

The Wonder graffiti wall with wordles on top.

The Wonder graffiti wall with wordles on top.

Here are some precepts students brought in and wrote on the graffiti wall.

A precept.

A precept.

Some more precepts.

Some more precepts.


unnamed-9These activities have been engaging.

They are out-of-the-box activities that make learning different…special…meaningful…exciting…a mystery.

Do you think students will remember this WONDERful book?

I think so.


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3 thoughts on “A WONDERful Precept…

  1. These are wonderful precepts. I’m working on a book of precepts and would love to include some original student precepts. Please go to my website for information on how to submit postcard precepts. Thanks for all your support of wonder!!!

  2. Angela on said:

    Absolutely. I am reading Wonder to my students also, and I believe not only will they remember it, but they will be better people because they have experienced this story.

  3. Love this idea! Can’t wait to share this with friends at work.

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