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Beginning Writer

I was actually quite surprised when I walked into my bedroom tonight. The lights were off, completely pitch black. I looked towards my bed and I saw a lump under the blankets. All of a sudden the darkness became illuminated. Then, it became dark again. I walked a little closer to the lump.



The light came on.

I heard under the blankets, “eh eh eh”. My Kindergartner was lying under the blankets with a small pocket note pad, my book light, and a pen. “Ch ch ch”…”eh eh eh”. A smile came across my face.

His pen was touching the paper writing letters as he was “eh eh eh” sounding out parts of the word. He was concentrating. He was in his flow.

I left to bring the dogs back inside.

When I came back to the pitch black bedroom, I walked towards the lump. Except the lump was laid out snoring. No more sounding out words. No more writing. I picked him up and found the note pad, the book light, and the pen under him. He was out.

Can you find "cheese puffs"?

Can you find “cheese puffs”?

I picked up his note pad.

Earlier, before he became the lump of blankets, he came to me and said he was writing a list to Santa. He also told me that he had to write “cheese puffs”, scrunched up on the same line because “Daddy, cheese puffs is in the sentence.” I laughed.

I am so proud of him for the learner he is becoming. He is reading. He is writing. He is figuring out math. He can count to ten and by tens up to a hundred in Chinese. He teaches me by saying, “Daddy, say “eeee…bbbbb…..i.” I respond, “ebi.” “Daddy, you just said a hundred in Chinese.” He walks around sounding (he says spelling) out words asking me what he is saying. Often times I say, “I don’t know.” He then gives it to me. I guess he doesn’t allow me to preserver. : )

I love him.



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2 thoughts on “Beginning Writer

  1. Aw, those beginning stages of reading and writing are SOOOO exciting! Your little boy is lucky to have such a loving and supportive dad!

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