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About lit360

This blog is about all things literacy.  Mainly, it’s about books: new books, book reviews, books to share, books to read, and tips for teachers and parents on how to use books.  It’s also a place to share my experiences in reading and teaching and the impact reading has had on our lives! This blog also discusses writing and how to teach writing effectively in classrooms.  Experience has shown that kids who are great readers are also great writers.  So, this blog is dedicated to all of these ideas.

The author of this blog is a teacher and a staff developer who is constantly trying to perfect the art of his craft.  He has earned a Masters degree with a reading endorsement and a talented and gifted endorsement.  With this he also has earned a K-12 Educational Leadership certificate.  He has taught and continues to teach reading endorsement classes to teachers.  He currently is a staff developer, but has taught 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th grade reading and language arts. He has been through the National Board certification process.


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