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What I am doing this summer…

I am super excited to start TeachersWrite this summer. It officially starts in a few days but you can post a small piece of your writing at author’s Gae Polisner’s blog, here is the link to her blog: . You can find more about this great opportunity on Facebook. You will have to search for the group on Facebook. Also follow it on Twitter with the hashtag #TeachersWrite. I hope you join us…it should be a lot of fun!



Teacher’s Write Summer Workshop #1

I am going to participate in Teacher’s Write Summer Workshop. I am so lucky to have found such awesome teachers, librarians, and authors/illustrators via Twitter and through various blogs. The first writing prompt is answering the following questions:

  1. What you found that you might be able to cut out of your schedule or cut back on to make time to write.  I am going to spend the night after my children go to sleep to write. Because I work, the time after I get off teaching is important time for my family.
  2. When you’ll be writing each day & for how long. Remember to be realistic. 15 minutes is fine to start. I am going to spend 15-30 minutes a night starting out. This may vary from night to night.
  3. Where you’ll usually write.  This can be different places on different days, depending on your schedule. I will be writing in the living room to start. We will be moving so another place may come about.
  4. Who you told about your plans. Remember, sharing your writing plans with the people in your life helps to make them real and reminds your family & friends to give you that space for writing. I have mentioned this awesome workshop with my wife.

If you haven’t heard about this, follow the hashtag #teacherswrite on Twitter or head to Kate Messner’s blog, Gae Polisner’s blog, or teachmentortexts blog.  This will be a quite exciting time.

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